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By-Laws & Preliminary Board Announcement

WFencing momentum continues to build while leadership has been preparing the draft of the WFencing Bylaws. See the WFencing Bylaws Draft here.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped WFencing jump start! The Preliminary Board includes a wide range of people with a variety of fencing experience who are vested in the development of fencing in the United States  These people include:

Susan Borgos

Vincent Bradford 

Vickie Miller

Jennifer Oldham

Nzingha Prescod   

Cathleen Randall

Jennifer Salmon

Christine Strong Simmons

Laszlo Szabo    

Iris Zimmermann 

We will have our first election after the 2021 Summer National Championships. The Prelimiary Board will be tasked in developing our short and long term strategic plan.

The first working Board Meeting will be next Tuesday, November 17th, and is open to all members. Email Cathleen for Zoom link and agenda.

How can you help? Anyone wishing to volunteer for a working committee, specific projects, or other innovations in advancing fencing to give us a shout out at info@wfencing.org  or DONATE. Not a member yet? JOIN US. Thank you!

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