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About WFencing

WFencing is committed to uphold the mission of the Olympic dream as it extends to the professional sport fencing community. We believe all professionals working our sport deserve access to training resources and opportunities in order to create the highest and greatest competitive standards our world has seen in sport fencing. In order to do this, we must organize and commit to a vision of what true equality and justice looks like.

Who are we? We are coaches, fencing professionals, parents and athletes. We believe increasing diversity in our sport will unify Team USA and bring equity to all its fencing participants no matter race, gender, or geographic location of clubs or athletes participating in our sport.WFencing aspires to a world in which women’s leadership is realized to be essential in all aspects of the fencing community.

Why now? WFencing came about as a response to overt disparities of  leadership heavily tilted towards one gender. By forming a mission, vision and strategy which leverages each other’s strengths, backgrounds and interests we can arrive to what is due: Diversity, Unity and Equity, among all fencing professionals and its participants.

What’s happening? WFencing hopes to evolve to become an entity that shares best practices, consults, models organizational transparently, collaboration, justice and fairness. We hope to facilitate better tournament organization practices, referee and coach development, and join with allies who believe diversity brings greater value to creating the best teams possible. 

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out via our Contact Us link.  We are here to support you.


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