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WFencing, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to uphold the mission of the Olympic dream as it extends to the American professional sport fencing community. We work to achieve diversity, unity and equity among all fencing professionals no matter race, gender, or geographic location in the United States.

Kaizen Fencing Academy presents “Women in Fencing” Panel discussion (Part 7) – Powerful Stories – Impactful Discussions About this Event Kaizen Fencing Academy will be hosting the “Women in Fencing” panel discussion. We would like to engage, encourage, educate, and empower women using this platform. This episode will focus on how to take care and support physical and mental well-being of athletes, coaches and referees. Our inspiring panelists will share powerful stories of their struggles and triumphs, and help us figure out how we can provide a more supportive environment. Register Here.

Olympian Vincent Bradford speaks on the status of women in fencing.

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2 weeks ago

Alert!Today, the French Senate proposed the hijab ban to include national sports competitions— no longer permitting female athletes to wear the hijab at competitions. Being the first Muslim woman in hijab on Team USA was a journey riddled with obstacles, but never was I denied the opportunity to play sport because of my faith. Religious freedom is a human right. It’s painful to see how far France has digressed and how normal virulent xenophobia has become. My first world championships was actually in Paris, France. It was held at the Grand Palais and one of my most vivid memories of that competition was the support I received from all of the French Muslims in the stands— my hijab serving as a marker of the faith we shared. Every woman should have the choice to wear what she wants and the opportunity play sport, regardless of her faith. We must stand together and vehemently denounce discrimination in all of its forms. Thank you to my French sisters @leshijabeuses and @assolallab who continue to push against anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic legislation, helping to defend not only the rights of Muslim women in France, but for women around the globe 🧕🏾♥️ ...
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